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is better, then he is going to tax you. if the american people knew what was behind obama care they would have voted against this president but he was allowed to have the roll out happen. >> it remains to be seen if he is going to hope democrats in the midterm elections as well. you have promised to hold up the nomination of janet yellen as federal chair. >> it passed with all of the republicans of the house and 100 tomorrows. overwhelming bipartisan support. i think the american people want oversight of the federal reserve and it has been held hostage by harry reid now. i'm saying, i'll let you vote when you let the american people vote on transparency and auditting the fed. what are they keeping secret? >> well, quite a bit. all of monetary policy and all of quantitative easing. trillions of dollars changing hands. are people profiting from this? there is a revolving door from big money to the u.s. treasury back onto wall street back into the federal reserve and when they come out of government service one made over $100 million his first year out of government. you have to wonder does
with little black boxes that are supposed to keep track of your miles, help you calculate fuel tax. but concerns, judge, are what in your mind? >> the government records each one of us. it records how long you're idle it records your miles per gallon. it records whether or not you stop at a stop light. do you really want to get a ticket three years later that says, oh, ms. krarlson, you failed to stop at a stop sign four years ago. >> i got a ticket for going too fast through a toll booth. i didn't even know they could catch me doing that. others are concerned with the fact that you will now be paying for the amount of time you're driving. is that fair? >> it is not fair, because the government is going to try and sell this to us with the idea that the money that you pay will be used to keep up the roads. that is not true. just like the tax we pay now, the money from the black boxes will go directly to government coffers. the roads will have the same potholes in them they have now. >> thanks. thanks very much. >> and our privacy will be invaded in the process. >> judge, always good
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with bipartisan support. zero votes in the state senate. he didn't impose taxes. said obama care imposed 500 billion over the next ten years and now three times as expensive. we can argue the merits of state versus federal. there's a remarkable difference between the relationship with government and health care. and the relationship should be with your doctor. >> we can also argue whether romney's being truthful if he thought romney care, which was the model for obama care was only good for massachusetts. he wanted to make that the template for the rest of the country. >> can we all agree he was a pretty good guest to get? >> governor romney, sure. >> well, nancy pelosi didn't think -- she didn't know why he was on sunday talk show. i've got to move you on to this. tomorrow the president will host in the roosevelt room a meeting about immigration reform. i'm talking about distractions. talking about equal rights for gays and lesbians in the workplace. it was also immigration and there was an economic speech in there. is it distraction, david, so we're not talking about obama care? >> it's ab
better insurance or less cost and in some cases people whose cost goes up will receive government tax subsidies that actually reduce what they finally pay. gretchen? >> wendell, thanks so much for providing a lot of those answers for us. >>> speaking of the obama care website, now you see her, now you don't. the smiling young woman featured on obama care's website, guess what? she's gone now. scrubbed out in an apparent web do-over. in her place, the far less eye catching quartet of really brilliant icons. to sign up for obama care. the identity of the woman remains a big secret. hard to believe since most people in washington can never keep a secret. there's some speculation she was scrubbed from the site to keep her safe after she became the target of heated criticism of the site in social media. so we want to hear from you. what do you think happened to the young woman on the obama care website? tweet us using #therealstory. my facebook question of the day as well. head over there. weigh in. we'll read your tweets and e-mails and facebook posts at the end of the show. >>> meantime,
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5